In a house with two toddlers, place mats are a must! Our oldest is a fairly clean eater, until it’s noodle night. His sister on the other hand, she eats as fast and as furious as she can, leaving a tornado of food in her path! Now, these mats obviously don’t cover our floor from our mini monster, but they do protect our hand built farmhouse table.

We wanted to find something that wouldn’t break our bank, but would last through two or more children. We did some researching and digging through mats on Amazon, and our winner was the Little Titan Silicone Mats.

These are so easy to do a quick wipe down or dump off in the trash and wash in the sink. Our oldest can even fold it up himself, without spilling, and rinse it off. We love to have him help, so anything that makes it easier is a win in our books!

Little Titan Mats come in a set of five different colors which are perfect for any gender and helpful for switching them out if they need washed! They are durable and even withstand being tossed on the floor by one year olds.. haha. We have not had any tears or fading of colors, and we have had them over a year!




Sizing was really important to us; we wanted something that wouldn’t take up too much space, but also had enough room to for their plates, drinks and silverware. These mats couldn’t have fit our needs any better!



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