I have a deep love for candles and wax melts. There is nothing, in my opinion, that makes a house feel more like a home than the smell. To walk in to a home and smell warm cinnamon, sweet vanilla, warm sugar, fresh lemon or crisp apples.. that to me, says ‘home’.

Do you ever smell something that takes you back? A fresh baked apple pie, warm sugar cookies just out of the oven, pine in the breeze from a row of trees… I feel as though candles and melts can give you those same feelings and just for a moment, make time stop.

Growing up, my mother always had a big stash of candles, and there was never I day, that I can recall, that she did not have at least one candle lit. From tea lights to pillar candles, she had them all, and now, so do I. Her love for them has absolutely been passed on to me and I plan to share my love and growing knowledge with my daughter one day.

When I decided my path of my blog, I realized that sharing what I love was the goal. But, I also wanted to make sure that I did my research and picked affordable, safe products that I truly wanted and used in my home. As I said, candles have always been a part of my home, even from a young age. Anymore, however, there are so many chemicals and fillers in everything, that I had to do solid research, before bringing it in my home with my children.

Dirt Road Candle Company makes soy candles with the most beautiful, rustic containers. Before purchasing, I wanted to read more about the difference in soy candles and regular or paraffin candles. The results absolutely blew my mind!

My Top Reasons for Switching to Soy

  1. They are all natural.  Yes, unlike paraffin candles, soy candles are made from the soy bean. With that, they do not need special chemicals to scent them, you can use essential oils and natural scents. Because of that, they do not leave a black ring around the jar, as long as you burn them correctly.
  2. Soy burns up to twice as long. I was almost deterred, because most soy candles are slightly more expensive than the same size of regular candles. But, then I learned they can burn up to twice as long because of the natural ingredients and lack of man-made chemicals in them! So, in the long run, they are actually cheaper!
  3. They burn cleaner. As I stated, they do not produce the black soot that comes from all those chemicals. Therefore, you are not putting all those chemicals throughout your home and in your families bodies.

With all this new knowledge, and finding a small shop that just so happens to be in the Midwest, I had to give them a try. I had contacted DRCC, and told her my vision and instantly knew this was a shop I could stand behind. She is down to earth, real and honest. I strongly suggest following her on Instagram, which is where I found her. She has videos to show how she makes them and gives tips on how to properly burn them and their care.

Now customer service is only half of why we as consumers buy products, the other is obviously product quality. DRCC candles met every expectation I had and more. Just opening the box, my dining room was instantly filled will fall scents and the containers were gorgeous! The shipping is fast, customer service is top notch and the candles are what every candle lover dreams of!

If you have a love for beautiful candles and supporting small businesses, I suggest looking up Dirt Road Candle Co. You will not be disappointed!

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