I have recently just finished my first 21 day fix and I will say the absolute hardest part was changing the way I eat. When you make the decision to begin a healthy lifestyle, your diet and physical activities are the first things you change. Most people think the hardest part is convincing yourself to workout, but think about how many times a day you’re busy and just grab a snack, whatever is quickest (usually junk right?) Here too. So I had to prep for not only myself, but our kids too. If they have junk its just a convenience thing that I would grab one of their snacks walking out the door. I prep everything in small plastic baggies, literally anything that will fit; fruits, veggies, nuts, etc. Our kids (myself & my husband too) found it easier to go for healthier foods that were already prepped. But, that in itself takes time too.

We are blessed with the fact that I get to stay home with our toddlers and work in the evenings, so with that, we eat home cooked meals almost every day and prep is much easier. Our kids, in turn, have grown up eating healthier foods because we have the time to make it and eat it all together. My biggest problem when I was working was we were never home to eat and all our healthier foods would go bad before we could finish them. Prepping at that point was almost nonexistent as well. But I have found the easiest time for me to prep is right when we get the groceries home. That way I don’t put them away and forget about it, you know the usual “Oh I’ll just do it later” excuse…that never works out. f

With this breakfast, “prep” is so quick and easy. I have an egg boiler that does six eggs at a time and I just store the rest in the fridge. For the waffles, I found a brand that has delicious whole wheat, as well as Natural Peanut Butter.

This breakfast is 21 Day Fix Approved.

1 Red Container, 1 Yellow Container and 2 Tsp.


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