Sugar Me Smooth

If you are anything like me, shaving is such a hassle and you could think of 100 more important things to do. For me, to keep smooth legs, I would have to shave every 3-4 days… With Sugar Me Smooth Hair Removal, it can last up to 8 weeks. Sounds unbelievable right? I thought so too, but with my skin becoming more sensitive, I cannot take anymore razor burn! So, I gave it a try. After the first use it was 2 1/2 WEEKS before I even noticed stubble and sugared a few spots to remove a few longer ones. With natural ingredients, hypoallergenic products, and the possibility of permanent hair removal (no more shaving, ever!) how can you not try?!


I have now been using this for around 6 months, and the results… speak for themselves! I have around half of the hair on my legs than before and only sugar about once a month!

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