April 6th, 2022

Blue Light Blocking Glasses (2 Pack)

$14.43 ($26) – 44% OFF

If you do regular computer work protecting your eyes from the glare is a must. These block the UV glare easing the eyestrain. Coose from over 10 color packs. Prices vary depending on pack.

Dead Sea Mud Mask

$14.40 ($20) – 28% OFF

#1 Best Seller. Mud masks are great for reducing the visibility of pores and clearing up acne and blackheads. Use this weekly for healthier skin!

Jade Roller and Gua Sha

$14.44 ($25) – 42% OFF

Reduce muscle tension, puffiness around your eyes and help firm your skin. These are also great to help with sinus pressure! Other colors are available, prices will vary.

Energize Shower Steamers

$25.47 ($30) – 15% OFF

Start your morning off with aromatherapy scents of grapefruit, cocoa and citrus. Just place one tablet on the shower floor and enjoy some relaxation.

Foam Interlocking Exercise Floor

$20.97 ($32) – 34% OFF

24 square feet of foam mat tiles. Great for a home gym or yoga area. Get in shape in the comfort of your own home.

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