April 18th, 2022

Portable Air Conditioner

$319.20 ($420) – 24% OFF

Compact air conditioner with built in dehumidifier and fan modes. Available in different sizes, prices will vary.

Immersion Blender

$17.60 ($22) – 20% OFF

Use this one small tool to make tons of recipes! You can make soups, sauces smoothies, shakes, baby food and so much more with one simple gadget.

Espresso Machine

$119.99 ($120) – 40% OFF

This machine does it all! Espresso, cappuccino, Frappuccino… you name it, and it will make it! This also a milk frother to create all the drinks your coffee lovin’ heart desires!

Glass Food Containers – 18 Piece

$30.59 ($46) – 33% OFF

This 9-container set is a perfect gift for a new homeowner, graduate or newlyweds. Glass is said to be safer than plastic when storing food.

Personal Portable Fan

$11.04 ($20) – 45% OFF

Take this handheld battery powered fan to any game this summer or to the lake! It does have a rechargeable battery with a USB charger. This fan comes in other colors, prices will vary.

Clear Lazy Susan – 3 Bin

$21 ($30) – 30% OFF

Organize any cabinet, pantry or storage space with this stylish and simple turntable.

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