April 20th, 2022

Kids Toothbrushes – 8 Pack

$8.49 ($18.98) – 55% OFF

Save up on toothbrushes for your kiddos and save over 50% today! They come in pink, orange, blue and green to keep them separated for more than one child.

Clorox Wipes – 3 Pack

$8.52 ($15.05) – 40% OFF

Stock up while you can! Use these on lots of surfaces to keep your home clean. (One package at Walmart cost almost $5!)

Mist Spray Bottle – 17 Oz.

$11.04 ($15) – 26% OFF

Use this for hair styling, cleaning, watering plants or skincare. Whatever your need, you won’t regret purchasing this mister.

White Noise Night Light

$21.99 ($40) – 45% OFF

Help put the sweet babe or yourself to sleep with this white noise machine and built-in color changing night light.

Silicone Facial Scrubber – Pack of 2

$5.08 ($6) – 15% OFF

Give your skin a deeper cleanse with these facial scrubbers. These work for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Manicure Set

$7.49 ($17) – 56% OFF +10% Off Coupon

Every woman needs one or two manicure sets, one for home and one for travel or in her purse. This set comes in pink or black, prices may vary.

Clorox Spring Cleaning Essentials

Get all your Clorox cleaning products right now for up to 50% off. They have a large variety of products on sale just in time for the beautiful weather, open windows and spring cleaning!

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