April 27th, 2022

Large Claw Clips

$9.97 ($14) – 29% OFF

Hold back your hair with claw clips for added style to any outfit. Simple and yet cute!

Diffuser Humidifier with LED Light

$21.24 ($34) – 38% OFF

Add style and natural air fresheners to your home with this is LED Diffuser. It also has an automatic shut off for those who need a little help remembering to shut things off (cough cough…me!)

HOT TOOLS Round Brush Dryer

$56.20 ($90) – 38% OFF

This tool is great for any hair, but especially for long, thick or curly hair. Dry and style faster than a traditional blow dryer.

Microfiber Hair Wraps – 3 Pack

$$11.89 ($19) – 37% OFF

Dry your hair in a safe way with the hair wraps. They dry your hair quicker and won’t damage it like a regular towel! Other color options available, prices may vary.

Blue Light Glasses – 6 Pack

$9.34 ($20) – 53% OFF

Protecting your eyes is so important! If you work on computers any amount during the day, having a pair of blue light glasses is a must! Other color sets are available, prices may vary.

Wide Knot Headbands – 6 Pack

$13.59 ($16) – 15% OFF

Keep your hair back in style. These come in different color options, prices may vary.

OLLY Gummies – 20-40% Off

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