July 20th, 2022

Vital Proteins Collagen Powder – 2 Pack

$42.45 ($50) – 15% off

Vital Proteins collagen powder is packed with hyaluronic acid and vitamin c, benefiting your skin, hair, nails and joint health. (I use this every morning; the unflavored powder works great in my hot and cold coffees!)

Spray Bottle/Mister – 5 Oz.

45.94 ($10) – 41% off

This is a steal! Mister bottles are so versatile. I use them in my salon. But you can use them for watering plants skincare, cleaning products, hairstyling and so much more!

Framar Large Claw Clips – 4 Pack

$9 ($16) – 44% off

#1 Best Seller Neutral pack of large claw clips. Perfect for all lengths and texture of hair. Keep your hair pulled back yet stylish.

Blue Light Glasses – 5 Pack

$13.59 ($16) – 15% off

#1 Best Seller Blue light blocking glasses are so important for the health of your eyes. If you work part or full time on your computer or phone you need a pair, or five!

Emergency First Aid Kit – 350 Pieces

$38.14 ($70) – 45$ off +5% off coupon

Every car needs a basic first aid kit for travel or emergency situations. Snag yours now almost 50% off. This is wall mountable, perfect for an office or classrom.

Hello Unicorn Sparkle Kids Toothpaste

$11.18 ($15) 25% off

We love the hello brand at our house. This kids’ fluoride toothpaste is bubble gum flavor. Let your kids have some fun while brushing their teeth!

Silicone Travel Bottle Set – 16 Piece

$12.29 ($23) 46% off

Included: 4 bottles, 4 jars, 2 spray bottles, 2 scoopers, 1 funnel, 1 clean brush and 1-page labels in a clear bag.

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