About Us

Hey all! Christina here, I am a Midwest mama who loves Jesus, a big glass of wine and those sweet little babes who stand by my bed at 2 am in creepy silence. Also have I mention how much I love food? If not, here I am professing my undying love to carbs and cupcakes. If you can relate (or not), reach out and say hey!

What is Raising Bakers?

Raising Bakers is a place for the every day mama; those who have yesterday’s t-shirt on, 5% battery life because you fell asleep rubbing your babes back and drinking cold coffee because you got tired of trying to warm it up. Any of that sound like you? If so, you have found your new home.

I am just a mama sharing the highs and lows of my faith, the chaos of our sweet little family and my attempt of organizing it all. My escape has always been through cooking and baking so we decided to collect all our favorite recipes in one place to share with all of you.

What can you find?

Authentic ramblings of a Midwest Christian mama

Delicious food even your picky eaters will enjoy

Ways to help you organize your chaos

Anything and everything we love from Amazon for every occasion

The story of us…

The beginning of the Bakers (2015)
2015 was a huge year for our family, our marriage and birth of our first love. This brought on a major shift in our lives back to back. The highs of planning our forever and welcoming our son to the lows of postpartum and everything in between.

Bring on the sass (2017)
God knew more than ever, we needed this sweet and sassy girl. Sis joined us mid 2017 and changed all our lives. Our son received his built in bestie and I began a new career of SAHM. We dealt with two lactose intolerant babes and two under two.

Back to business (2019)
After being blessed with two years of chaos and kisses, I decided to go back to the salon part time to find a part of me I felt I had lost. We transitioned from staying home and together all the time to our first experience with a babysitter. We suffered a heartbreaking loss and coping was not in our dictionary at the time.

Our busiest year (2020) I don’t feel I need to mention what all occurred this year. However through all of it we began preschool, I opened my own salon and we moved. Because, why not add more to the crazy?

A year we’ll never forget (2021) We knew this year would change our lives; we just didn’t realize it would be in this way. After our loss two years prior, we were so excited to learn we would be welcoming another Baker Babe. However, we soon learned God had other plans and we were going to experience the hardest chapter in our lives to date. So much confusion and heartache had to be trampled through before we could piece together our brokenness. This was the time we knew we had to give it to God and strengthen our family so we wouldn’t lose it all.

Healing & Growth (2022) With storms, rainbows form. God never promises us that life will be easy, but it will always be worth it. 2022 was a year of many more trials and triumphs combined. We grew our faith as a family, and I personally found my purpose through Christ. Learning to live with an angel can make you or break you, it’s your choice. This was a year we chose growth and healing, and because of our newfound strength many beautiful things will soon come to fruition. Stay tuned!

Unwritten (2023)