Morning Habits For Success

Maintaining routine and positive habits helps create a more successful individual. This creates structure and reduces stress. Routines also promote self care, which is just a fancy way to say make yourself happy. What could be more important than your own happiness and living a healthier, more successful life? Wake Up Early Wake up anContinue reading “Morning Habits For Success”

How to Set & Accomplish Goals

What is your plan? We all have a dream of what we wish our lives looked like, but only a few start the motions to make it happen. Whether it’s one, five or ten years from now, set a plan and chase those dreams. Just remember no one can make your dreams come true, youContinue reading “How to Set & Accomplish Goals”

10 Tips to Set New Habits

Habit – a routine of behavior that is repeated regularly and tends to occur subconsciously. You can start fresh any time you wish. The new year typically brings out the best desires of us, along with the greatest urge to start fresh. But how do we do that? Start fresh? As simple as it mayContinue reading “10 Tips to Set New Habits”

How to Study the Bible

The purpose of studying the Bible is to form a deeper connection and understanding through God’s Word. As Christians we all have yearning to learn and become closer to God, Bible study is the perfect way to do so. However, to benefit in any way you must have a desire to grow from this andContinue reading “How to Study the Bible”

Skincare Routines for All Types

A quality skincare routine is vital to maintain the health of your largest organ, your skin. Protecting and preserving the quality of your skin is necessary to slow down aging, protect other organs, look better than ever and overall health. If you put in the effort to protect your skin, it will benefit your entireContinue reading “Skincare Routines for All Types”

Resistance Band Workouts

Disclaimer: I am not a certified personal trainer nor medically trained, these are based off my research and for educational purposes only. Before beginning any life changes like workout routines and such, always consult with your doctor. Work out your full body each week, while focusing daily on one muscle group. This helps tone thoseContinue reading “Resistance Band Workouts”

What’s your body type?

Every body type falls under one of these three. Which sounds most like you? Endomorph Round body Short & stocky ‘Big boned’ Fitted pants tighter in hips & glutes Slow metabolism Difficult to lose weight Gain weight at an average rate Hips typically wider than shoulders Mesomorph Athletic build Defined muscles Rectangular body (men) HourglassContinue reading “What’s your body type?”

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