How to Study the Bible

The purpose of studying the Bible is to form a deeper connection and understanding through God’s Word. As Christians we all have yearning to learn and become closer to God, Bible study is the perfect way to do so. However, to benefit in any way you must have a desire to grow from this and an open heart to accept His Word. When you are ready, there are many different methods to study the Bible; you must pick what suits your needs.

S.O.A.P Method

One of the goals I set for myself to accomplish in 2022 is to read the Bible cover to cover. So, I set out to find the method that works best for me and found the S.O.A.P method. When reading in great lengths, I find it easier to remember when broke down into smaller pieces and studied.

The S.O.A.P. method helps to dive deep into your reading, discovering verses you may have typically just skimmed right over. Whether you are reading cover to cover or discovering certain books within the Bible, this method helps give you a plan on how to understand each and every chapter. Each letter of S.O.A.P stands for a different step in uncovering what God is speaking to us. Calm your mind, open your heart and dive in.

What does S.O.A.P stand for?

S: Scripture

Read your passage, whether that be one chapter or three. Focus on the words of each verse, keeping track of any that you feel have deep meaning or connection to you. Remember which verse makes you feel an understanding of God’s Word.

O: Observation

Once you are finished reading, what stood out to you? Research to find the meaning of anything you do not understand. Who is the author and what are they trying to say? Write down anything that you have found of value to you. God speaks to us all differently, so remember there is no wrong answer.

A: Application

What is God trying to say to you? How can you apply this to your everyday life? The Lord shows us things we need to see at the right time, what is God wanting you to do? If you are unsure, research until you discover the meaning for you. Find ways to apply this scripture into your life, make a change.

P: Prayer

Pray to the Lord, ask for guidance, forgiveness, strength and/or how to apply this to your life. If you can, think of a prayer that involves this verse. Thank God for showing you the path and giving you this chance.

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