Path to Holiness

Our Paths Are Full of Hard Choices The right path is usually the hardest. Making the right decision whether big or small can some times be the more difficult decision. Such is true with our path to heaven, the most important journeys are riddled with obstacles and trials for the sole purpose of smoothing outContinue reading “Path to Holiness”

Toy Storage Ideas

Our favorite storage hacks for the never ending, always growing and forever changing plethora kids’ toys stash. There are limitless ways to house the variety of toys and books your children will collect. Below is a collection of our top organization hacks and links to all you could possibly need. This post may contain affiliateContinue reading “Toy Storage Ideas”

Breakfast Casserole

A true southern classic turned in to an easy peasy casserole… simply heavenly. If you love biscuits and gravy, this recipe is for you. Have it for Sunday dinner or prep it for a busy school morning, either way it will quickly become a family favorite. Preheat the oven to 425 degrees and grease anContinue reading “Breakfast Casserole”

The Truth About Motherhood

Motherhood: [məT͟Hərˌho͝od] noun Motherhood is truly a roller-coaster, some days are the peak of our existence and others we wish we could wipe from the history books. Most days could probably qualify as both, but one thing we as women need to stop doing… speaking about motherhood as it is some sort of curse insteadContinue reading “The Truth About Motherhood”

Refocusing Raising Bakers

This past year and a half has created deep personal growth along with unbelievable spiritual growth. With growth comes change. I pondered and prayed on how we would utilize the blog moving forward and the answer was clear. From this point forward I feel that it is our responsibility to share our story and ourContinue reading “Refocusing Raising Bakers”

Christian Nursery Decor (8″ x 10″)

Click the link below, save and print. For personal use only, please do not share the images, if others are interested share our site!

Daily Gratitude Journal

Daily Gratitude Journal Paperback $7.99 Hardcover $21.99 We hope you find inspiration and self-confidence with our daily gratitude journal. This is set up in 30-day increments to eliminate the pressure if you miss a day for any reason. Explore yourself on a deeper level by keeping track of daily affirmations each morning and your gratitudeContinue reading “Daily Gratitude Journal”

Hamburger Steaks

This post may contain affiliate links. Read more here. Hamburger steaks or ‘The Poor Man’s Steak” are so simple and packed with so much flavor. This is a stick to your rib kind of tasty. Most people have all of the ingredients in their pantry/freezers, it is a cheap meal and everyone in the familyContinue reading “Hamburger Steaks”

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