How to Set & Accomplish Goals

What is your plan?

We all have a dream of what we wish our lives looked like, but only a few start the motions to make it happen. Whether it’s one, five or ten years from now, set a plan and chase those dreams. Just remember no one can make your dreams come true, you must decide to make a change and go after what you want. Sometimes that change involves creating new habits. If you need some tips on adjusting to new habits check out our post here.

This year, we as a family, decided to set goals and resolutions. For some we need to change our habits and start new ones, for others we need to focus solely on the goal and get to the starting line. It’s so easy to slip into the routine of saying ‘someday’ but reality is you just take the first step. Here we have a list of 5 simple steps to get you going and help you successfully accomplish your goals, whether they are short term or 10 years down the road. All you have to do is start today!


Carve out some free time, clear your mind, focus and decide what your short-term and long-term goals are. Write them down. Make a list if you have multiple, they don’t need to start in any certain order just get them on paper. When we write things down it helps focus our attention on the task at hand, motivates you and serves as a constant reminder to your commitment. For a free printable to keep you on track, download ours here.

Your Why

As your writing down your list of goals, think about why your goals matter. You chose each of these goals for a purpose, dig deep and be detailed. Why is it important to you? How will accomplishing this change your life for the better?

Set A Deadline

Every goal needs a deadline. This will keep you determined and hold you accountable. When setting a deadline, you need to be reasonable and map out details to decide how long it will take you. Having an unreasonable deadline will derail you before you even begin.

What Are Your Steps?

Break your goal down in to smaller, more manageable steps. Doing so will seem less daunting and having smaller victories along the way will encourage you to push on. How can you break this down to smaller steps? What obstacles can arise and how will you combat them?

Reward Yourself

Once you have met your goal reward yourself. Find something that will drive you outside of the goal itself. Having a plethora of motivation will help push you, even on the hard days, when you want to throw in the towel.

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