Resistance Band Workouts

Disclaimer: I am not a certified personal trainer nor medically trained, these are based off my research and for educational purposes only. Before beginning any life changes like workout routines and such, always consult with your doctor.

Work out your full body each week, while focusing daily on one muscle group. This helps tone those areas by focusing intently on them for one day each week. Switching a muscle group each day also allows for each area to rest slightly while still staying active.

Below is a printable version.

Monday – Arms

Your arms have 3 main muscle groups: Biceps, Triceps & Deltoids. Your bicep curl and cross chest curls focus on building your biceps. The tricep extensions and tricep dips are obviously for your triceps. The front raises and lateral raises put focus on your deltoids.

On Mondays make sure to stretch all muscles with an emphasis on your arms to keep them loose. If you are just beginning to workout I would start by only repeating each exercise twice and build up to three when you feel ready. You can also adjust which bands you feel the most comfortable with as well.

Tuesday – Abs

Abdominal muscles break up in to three basic areas, upper abs, lower abs and obliques or side abs. A common error when someone is working out to lose weight, they don’t focus on all three areas, only upper abs and then are frustrated with unsatisfactory results. With this regimen you will get to focus on each area.

Heel touches and Russian twists focus on your obliques. Crossover crunches as well as heel touches engage your upper abs. Leg raises focus on your lower abs. Flutter kicks and bicycle crunches however, focus on all three areas engaging them with more movement.

Wednesday – Legs

Just like abs and arms, we have broke this down to focus on each area individually. There are 3 main groups: quadriceps, hamstrings and calves. Each group is just as vital as the next to maintain toned, strong legs. Side lunges and hamstring curls are used to work your hamstrings. To engage your quads make sure do you the sumo squats and side lunges. Calf raises are clearly to focus on your calf muscles. The plie squat in to calf raises helps engage all three groups to give an intense leg workout. As a bonus, to help create the desired ‘thigh gap’ we have added the side leg lift. This helps with inner and outer thigh muscles.

On Wednesday’s make sure to really stretch your legs before and after to keep them loose and lessen the possibilities of cramping afterwards. Also, if you are just beginning to workout you can do all of these workouts without exercise bands and work your way in to them.

Thursday – Back

While focusing on your back, these workouts also help build your deltoid and chest muscles. There is no reason to worry over your shoulders getting too big chest flat (for women), instead these will help slim your shoulders and lift your chest.

Friday – Booty

Who doesn’t want a firmer, lifted booty? These workouts focus more on your glutes and hips instead of your upper legs. Like the leg workouts, these can be done without resistance bands if you are just starting out, but they can also be done with them when you are ready.

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