Refocusing Raising Bakers

This past year and a half has created deep personal growth along with unbelievable spiritual growth. With growth comes change. I pondered and prayed on how we would utilize the blog moving forward and the answer was clear. From this point forward I feel that it is our responsibility to share our story and our faith more openly.

We will continue to share our family favorite recipes that our little Bakers love to make and more importantly enjoy. Also staying will be our lifestyle posts like health and mama pages. Our crafts DIYs will become more prevalent on the blog as will our faith. As you have probably noticed, our Daily Deals have been removed but we will still share our favorite products from time to time. We want to utilize our time better so we can share what really matters with all of you.

*I do want to be transparent that we will be sharing our Catholic faith, but hope to make it something any denomination can relate to for the most part.

We want to create an environment that is uplifting, welcoming and just feels like family. Please feel free to join our facebook group and follow us on instagram as well. We will share monthly challenges on Facebook, our celebration of saints on our instagram and so much more!

Here is a peak at our new rebranding that we will be shifting over to! As we grow we are finding ourselves and our style. We hope you find a special place here with us at Raising Bakers!

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