The Truth About Motherhood

Motherhood: [məT͟Hərˌho͝od] noun
  1. the state of being a mother
  2. A period of a woman’s life where she laughs, cooks, cleans, breaks up fights all with tears in her eyes and more love than she can handle in her heart. It begins the day the pink lines appear and stays with her all her life.

Motherhood is truly a roller-coaster, some days are the peak of our existence and others we wish we could wipe from the history books. Most days could probably qualify as both, but one thing we as women need to stop doing… speaking about motherhood as it is some sort of curse instead of the blessing it truly is.

There are so many blissful moments in my life that I mentally reply over and over, most of them include my children. The moment I became a mother with our son, when he first saw his baby sister walking into that hospital room starry eyed at 18 months old, watching them meet personal goals they’ve set for themselves, and the countless hugs and kisses paired with “I love you mama” just to name a few. No amount of money, trips around the world, or job opportunities would be worth losing a single one of those memories.

That isn’t to say that every moment of motherhood is magical, because there are absolutely times where I have thought “what did I get myself into?!” Each child goes through many phases of challenging the boundaries we set in place, finding their place in the world and the family and just growing into the beautiful human God created them to be. But remember this through the trials, God chose YOU to be their mama, he chose YOU to lead them down the path laid out for them. There is no one on this earth who can do it better than you.

Take that to heart, keep it there and remember it when the days seem long or the nights short. We are designed to be the safe place our babies need, the shoulder to lean on, the home they can always come to… in essence, we are built to be their mothers. The miraculous thing about motherhood is that we get to become better women through it, were not just raising babies… were raising saints created by a loving and gracious God. By raising our little saints, we too can earn our sainthood.

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